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Artwork by Desiree Vaniecia
Artwork by Cooper
Artwork by Cooper
Artwork by Desiree Vaniecia
Artwork by Cooper
Artwork by Chloe Swopshire
Artwork by Desiree Vaniecia
Artwork by Idris Habib
Artwork by Desiree Vaniecia
Artwork by Cooper
Artwork by Chloe Swopshire
Artwork by Desiree Vaniecia

We believe artists deserve compensation on every sale of their work, not just the first one.

Why should artists miss out on royalties as authors, musicians, and other creatives thrive with them?

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amy sherald's the bathers
Sold For


The artist received nothing from this sale

Amy Sherald’s The Bathers 2015, sold for $4.3m—more than 20 times the low estimate.

Artists should be able to directly benefit 
from the upside of their market. Stop the nonsense.
Matthew Wong’s Shangri-La 2017
Sold For


The artist’s estate received nothing from this sale

Matthew Wong’s Shangri-La 2017, shattered a high estimate of $700,000 to sell for $4.5m.

Artist royalties allow the artist to 
create more art. Stop the nonsense.
Dana Schutz’s Elevator 2017
Sold For


The artist received nothing from this sale

Dana Schutz’s Elevator 2017, selling at Christie’s for a record $6.5m, more than double the high estimate.

Artist royalties could help provide a decent living wage for artists. Stop the nonsense.
artist Artist Royalties in 2019


Paid to artists

In North America (and a number of other regions), visual artists are not paid royalties. In contrast, the United Kingdom and Europe have mandated artist resale rights. Let’s make this fair, globally.

Artwork by Desiree Vaniecia Artwork by Chloe Swopshire
Artwork by Idris Habib Artwork by Cooper
music Musician Royalties in 2019


Paid to songwriters and composers

In North America, ASCAP distributed $1.184 billion, BMI distributed $1.233 billion, SOCAN distributed $296 million in royalties to songwriters, composers and publisher members.

Ariana Grande's Thank you, Next Billie Eilish's When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
Bon Iver's I,I Tyler, the Creator's Igor
Picture of Alicia Keys

“How could you pay $10,000 for an artist’s work at the beginning and, at some point, it’s worth $30 million, and they or their family see nothing of that increase?”

Alicia Keys

Picture of Frank Stella

“We need legislation to enact the right to royalties, and we need to align it with what goes on in Britain and the E.U.”

Frank Stella

Picture of Gordon Cheung

"Why artists should receive royalties from resale of their art is, well, I don't see why it should be any different to authors or musicians, designers and so on.”

Gordon Cheung

Picture of Chuck Close

“It’s a question of basic fairness.”

Chuck Close

Picture of Gavin Turk

“The reason why Artist’s Resale Right is something I really value is because it puts me back in contact with pieces of work.”

Gavin Turk

How do we make Royalties a reality?


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Joining us means joining the group of growing supporters who wish to raise the profile, awareness, and support providing artists with royalties on secondary sales.

Picture of Chloe Swopshire Picture of Tatum Dooley

Chloe Swopshire and Tatum Dooley recently signed.

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This movement is led by artists, and funded by Peggy. Peggy is a startup founded to support artists, galleries, and collectors in a sustainable way by enabling artist and gallery royalties globally.

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